Dax Ovid, Ph.D.

Dax Ovid, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Discipline-Based Education Research

University of Georgia, Athens


My name is Dax Ovid (they/she), and I’m a biology and data science education researcher who studies interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning for STEM graduate and undergraduate students. My work strives to not only identify challenges impeding systemic pedagogical innovation in the sciences but also to investigate inclusive practices in higher education that foster belonging. My research aims to expand the defining features of “being a scientist” in the 21st century for current and future scientists.

I’ll be joining the University of Georgia, Athens - College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology to support the new undergraduate program in Biomedical Physiology and leading the CORPUS Education Lab.

The CORPUS Education Lab stands for “Collaborative Opportunities for Research in Physiology and Under/Graduate Science,” conducting Discipline-Based Education Research. We will work across the academic pathway and are open to exploring all levels of schooling (formal and informal, curricular and extra-curricular) to meet community needs, support our whole selves, and fulfill on under/graduate student interests and motivations.

Prospective graduate students and undergraduate student researchers - please send an email sharing a little about who you are, what you value, what skills/experience you bring, and what skills/experience you’re interested in developing. Also, please feel welcome to share what kinds of scholarship interests you.

Feel welcome to read more about my collaborative scholarship, teaching, and service on my curriculum vitae (CV) .

  • Biology Education Research
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Social Justice
  • Endocrinology
  • Postdoc in SEPAL, Dec 2019 - July 2022

    San Francisco State University

  • PhD in Integrative Biology, 2017

    University of California, Berkeley

  • B.A. in Italian Studies, 2011

    University of California, Berkeley

  • B.A. in Integrative Biology, 2011

    University of California, Berkeley


Scientist Spotlights Initiative
Curricular supplements that engage students in reflective writing to teach science content through the stories of counterstereotypical scientists in collaboration with Jeff Schinske at Foothill Community College and Kimberly D. Tanner at SEPAL Lab in San Francisco State
Scientist Spotlights Initiative
Social Justice in Science Case Studies
Curricular supplements that engage students in science content with social justice topics in collaboration with the Tripp Lab at UC Davis
Social Justice in Science Case Studies

Recent Publications

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(2022). She Blinded Me with Science: Post-Curriculum and the New Scientific Education. Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, 37(2).

(2022). Investigating Instructor Talk among Graduate Teaching Assistants in Undergraduate Biology Laboratory Classrooms. CBE—Life Sciences Education, 21(2).

(2022). Investigating student perceptions of Instructor Talk: Alignment with researchers’ categorizations and analysis of remembered language. CBE—Life Sciences Education, 20(4).