Interested in doing graduate studies in Discipline-Based Education Research (DBER)?

Hello! 👋 Folks interested in pursuing an advanced degree in DBER can learn more here.

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There are several communities and resources out there for folks who are interested in joining the exciting field of DBER! Below are a few readings and communities that can be useful for getting to know more about the history of the field and communities to engage with to support you and your professional pursuits.

  1. The National Research Council published a report in 2012 on the state of DBER in biology, physics, chemistry, and geosciences. Download a free PDF here.
  2. DBER Scholars-in-Training (DBER SiT) is a community for graduate students, postdocs, and early-career scholars (including undergrads and postbacs) and offers professional development events and opportunities to engage with the DBER community. Learn more on the DBER SiT website.
  3. Explore this Guide for Graduate Students Interested in Postdoctoral Positions in Biology Education Research for ideas on how to prepare. Please consider this as a guideline and not a prerequisite. Everyone is unique, and no trajectories are the same! Regardless of your experience, if you’re interested in DBER, please feel welcome to reach out to connect.
Dax Ovid, Ph.D.
Dax Ovid, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Discipline-Based Education Research

My research includes qualitative/quantitative methods to explore students’ relatedness and sense of belonging in STEM.